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Our organization pays distinct consideration to customers’ requirements, listening to the certain specifications of every client and guaranteeing whole pleasure. Support & Good quality controlWe source comprehensive drawings and offer every time necessary. In this way, our products have ongoing to gain market place acceptance and consumers fulfillment above the previous few many years. 400kVA/320kw tremendous Silent EPTT Generator (GDC400*S)

GODLIKE EPTT delivers a wider variety of gensets, as well as other types of EPT
equipment and solutions.
uuml Gensets: solitary-section and a few-section generators, manually operated or with
computerized (AMF) operation, stationary or mobile, put in outdoors – with
soundproof canopy, or indoors – open up body versions, covering a EPTT assortment
amongst ten and 2000kVA.
uuml The GODLIKE EPTT genset series has been designed to fulfill all the energetic
necessities of every variety of electric powered EPT, obtaining a compact style, EPTTful,
trustworthy, effortless to use and with silent procedure.
uuml GODLIKE EPTT gensets are outfitted with diesel engines from well-known genset engines producers.

Internal combustion engine – Godlike EPTT gensets are equipped with
ideal quality, globe vast famous engines.
The engines equipping the JDG collection are trustworthy, low-sounds,
EPTTful, with low fuel consumption and created using innovative
4 stroke, drinking water-cooled, direct EPT, in-line two-6 cylinders, by natural means aspirated or turbocharged EPTT engines.
EPT or digital governor.
JCEP starter motor 12/24V DC.
Battery charging alternator twelve/24V DC.
Gas pump and gas filter(s), oil pump and oil filter(s), gas EPT
pump, air filter(s).
Oil stress sensors, engine temperature sensors.
EPTT engine shutdown in case of genset malfunction.
Pre-heating technique (only for computerized gensets).
Exhaust program with lower-sound muffler(s) and EPTow(s).

GENERATOR – EPT, four pole, one bearing or double bearing , brushless.
Self thrilled and self controlled by AVR (EPTT Voltage Regulator).
IP23 safety degree.
Insulation course H.

SKID (Foundation Frame)
The engine-generator assembly is produced by coupling the two key
elements via the SAE coupling program. Many thanks to the EPTT anti-
vibration rubber damper pads, the genset does not induce visible
vibrations to the bordering basis. The maXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum vibration amount
induced to the genset foundation body is 5mm/s.

Gasoline TANK , is integrated in the genset’s base body. As genset
producer, GODLIKE EPTT can adapt to the customers’ requests by enlarging
or reducing the gas tank potential, in order to make certain the requested genset
autonomy. In addition, the gensets can be outfitted with big potential
auXiHu (West EPT) Dis.liary (external) gasoline tanks with automated refueling program.

SOUNDPROOF Canopy , made from electrostatic spray-
painted metal sheet, which minimizes the corrosive motion of atmospheric
and bordering environmental brokers.
EXEPTUST MUFFLER , assures silent genset procedure and
lowers the environmental influence of exhaust gasoline according to the
pertinent EU stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rds.

The management panel is incEPTTd in the genset assembly, equipped on the
genset’s foundation frame and can be visualized by means of one particular of the cover
door’s pleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.glas window.
The gensets are geared up with manually operated or automatic
procedure electric panels, according to the customer’s ask for.
The panels offer you numerous set-up and defense functions and running
modes. The gensets can also be distant operated and monitored employing
the Personal computer, incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. through World wide web and GEPT, as an optional added. The
manage panel is helpful and straightforward to use. The computerized control panels
can be manufactures as a dual EPT board (the control-aspect
equipment is divided from the switchEPT).

Good quality STHangEPTRDS
The GODLIKE EPTT series gensets are designed and produced by our
organization according with the latest issued CE!

Quotation of EPTT Genset-CUMMINS Motor amp GODLIKE Alternator and HGM6110 EPTT Panel
Genset Design EPTT Out Put
400V/50HZ/1500RPM/3P/.8 ( Y )
EPT 40 diploma
one GDC23 18KW 23KVA 4B3.9G1/24KW JDG 184E
2 GDC23 18KW 23KVA 4B3.9G2/24KW JDG 184E
three GDC28 22KW 28KVA 4B3.9G1/24KW JDG 184F
4 GDC28 22KW 28KVA 4B3.9G2/24KW JDG 184F
5 GDC31 25KW 31KVA 4BT3.9G1/36KW JDG 184G
6 GDC31 25KW 31KVA 4BT3.9G2/36KW JDG 184G
seven GDC40 32KW 40KVA 4BT3.9G1/36KW JDG224C
8 GDC40 32KW 40KVA 4BT3.9G2/36KW JDG 224C
9 GDC50 40KW 50KVA 4BTA3.9G2/50KW JDG 224D
10 GDC56 45KW 56KVA 4BTA3.9G2/50KW JDG 224ES
eleven GDC60 48KW 60KVA 4BTA3.9G2/50KW JDG 224E
12 GDC100 80KW 100KVA 6BT5.9G1/92KW JDG 274C
13 GDC100 80KW 100KVA 6BT5.9G2/90KW JDG 274C
14 GDC120 96KW 120KVA 6BTA5.9G2/106KW JDG 274DS
15 GDC125 100KW 125KVA 6BTA5.9G2/106KW JDG274D
16 GDC135 108KW 135KVA 6BTAA5.9G2 /120KW JDG 274ES
17 GDC160 128KW 160KVA 6CTA8.3G2/163KW JDG 274F
18 GDC180 144KW 180KVA 6CTA8.3G2/163KW JDG 274G
19 GDC200 160KW 200KVA 6CTAA8.3G2/183KW JDG 274H
20 GDC225 180KW 225KVA 6LTAA8.9G2/220KW JDG 274J
21 GDC250 200KW 250KVA 6LTAA8.9G2/220KW JDG 274K
22 GDC250 200KW 250KVA NT855-GA/231KW JDG274K
23 GDC250 200KW 250KVA MTA11-G2A/234KW JDG274K
24 GDC275 220KW 275KVA NTA855-G1A/261KW JDG 314DS
twenty five GDC300 240KW 300KVA NTA855-G1A/261KW JDG 314D
26 GDC313 250KW 313KVA NTA855-G1B/284KW JDG 314ESS
27 GDC325 260KW 325KVA NTA855-G1B/284KW JDG 314ES
28 GDC350 280KW 350KVA NTA855-G2A/313KW JDG 314E
29 GDC350 280KW 350KVA NTA855-G4/317KW JDG 314E
30 GDC375 300KW 375KVA NTAA855-G7/343KW JDG 314FS
31 GDC375 300KW 375KVA KTA19-G2 /336KW JDG 314FS
32 GDC400 320KW 400KVA NTAA855-G7A/407KW JDG 314F
33 GDC450 360KW 450KVA KTA19-G3 /403KW JDG 354C
34 GDC500 400KW 500KVA KTA19-G3A/448KW JDG 354D
35 GDC500 400KW 500KVA KTA19-G4 /448KW JDG 354D
36 GDC550 440KW 550KVA KTAA19-G5 /470KW JDG 354ES
37 GDC575 460KW 575KVA KTAA19-G6/520KW JDG 354E
38 GDC600 480KW 600KVA KTA19-G8/575KW JDG 354E
39 GDC625 500KW 625KVA KTAA19-G6A /610KW JDG 354FS
40 GDC625 500KW 625KVA KT38-G/560KW JDG 354FS
forty one GDC725 580KW 725KVA KT38-GA/711KW JDG 354G
forty two GDC750 600KW 750KVA KTA38-G2/664KW JDG 404B
forty three GDC800 640KW 800KVA KTA38-G2B/711KW JDG 404C
forty four GDC900 720KW 900KVA KTA38-G2A/813KW JDG 404D
45 GDC1000 800KW 1000KVA KTA38-G5/880KW JDG 404E
46 GDC1125 900KW 1125KVA KTA38-G9/1089KW JDG 404F
forty seven GDC1250 1000KW 1250KVA KTA50-G3/1097KW JDG 404G

  in Pachuca de Soto Mexico  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Super Silent 400kVA 320kw Cummins Generator  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler