550kw-250rpm Permanent Magnet Wind Generator

Minimal speed everlasting magnet water generator, leaving out pace-up machine, making 50 Hz Electrical power at lower speed. 60Hz also CZPT

High productive PM rotor, compact composition. No carbon brushes, do not want excitation, no spark, no excitation winding, substantial rotor depth, no discipline control box, sample construction, substantial performance.

Defense class: IP44, keep away from drinking water, mud, dusty acquiring into the motor, long life, especially appropriate for out of doors demands.

No excitation management-box, sample construct, higher overall performance.

Motors is running efficiently all through the whole speed variety, conserving energy.

Utilizing embedded uncommon-earth magnetic metal, especially suitable for turbulence, influence dynamic and reverse running.

The motor adopts wind-cooling or h2o-cooling, low temperature, adopts higher velocity oil-retaining bearing, servicing-free, substantial dependability, long existence-span.

You can alter the motor voltage, velocity, Power and other parameters, the out dimension of the motor can be also modified. You can use splined shaft, twin shaft, flange and other output styles

Energy AC voltage pace poles Rated torque current efficiency weight
550 kw 460V 250rpm 42 21571Nm 730A 93.eight% 5200kg


550kw-250rpm Permanent Magnet Wind Generator