3kw Power Automatic Red Visceral Synchronous Quarantine Conveyor Slaughtering Equipment

Red Visceral Synchronous Quarantine CZPT Slaughtering Products

the equipment is an sophisticated automated line released by our organization, it is suitable for all large and medium-sized pig slaughtering plants. The gear is made up of push system, tightening system, track, hook disinfector box, automated decoupling gadget and transmission chain. The purple visceral synchronous quarantine conveyor adopts push system, and the precise installation and adjustment of the tightening system helps make the travel chain transfer evenly and smoothly in the monitor. Throughout the work, the purple viscera of pig physique was transported to the processing space from the hook, and then the empty hook was put into the disinfection box for disinfection therapy. The whole procedure of steady procedure did not cease, the generation efficiency was high, and there was no pollution in cleanliness and basic safety. 

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one.Q:Are your goods CZPT?
   A:Indeed, our generation line will be CZPT according to the output you call for and the spot of your manufacturing facility.

two.Q:How do you estimate?
   A:Our quote in accordance to the your output and the area of your factory.we will desige.we will design the corresponding drawings              for you very first, if you are happy, we will estimate in accordance to the drawings.

3.Q:How do you guarantee the top quality?
   A:For the procurement of uncooked components and the shipping of items, we will have high quality inspection staff to examine the                     production in the time,Will strictly guarantee the good quality.

four.Q:Can you gives abroad companies?
   A:Of course,we will send out overseas engineer to help you build the manufacturing facility

Inspection, servicing, servicing and troubleshooting methods 

Fault phenomenon Possible cause Overhaul method
Do not work after turning on the
 power supply, 
no indication of work indicator
  1. The power supply is not on or in bad contact
  2. The circuit breaker in the control box is not closed 
  3. three. Fuse damage of controller
1. Connect the power supply, deal with the bad part
two. Close the circuit breaker
3. Find the cause, replace the mental fuse.
No automatic operation
  1. The automatic working switch is not on or out of order
  2. Sensor lines or not well connected. Sensor adjusting 
  3. distance is too close
one.Overhaul or replace automatic switch
2. CZPTnnect line
3. according to wiring diagram. 
Readjusting the effective distance of the sensor


3kw Power Automatic Red Visceral Synchronous Quarantine Conveyor Slaughtering Equipment